Too Much Inspiration, Not Enough Time

This isn’t another one of those “I’m so busy” posts. Though I am busy. This isn’t one of those “I’m not getting any writing done” posts, either. I am getting writing done. This is one of those “No matter how much writing I get done, I still have so much more writing I want to do” posts. Here we go.

I haven’t been so motivated to write in…a year, maybe. I don’t even know where all this energy is coming from but suddenly, far from struggling to find the words, I’m struggling to find the time. Right now, for me, there just isn’t enough time to write. I want to get a fictional blog written, I want to write a guest post and send it out and I really, really want to work on my novel. But, alas, I can only write as much as the Power Writing Hour I carve out each day and not much else.

At least I have that much.

I daydream of having all the time in the world to write. I used to think I was crazy, until I once heard a friend from my writing group say the exact same thing I’d been thinking for years: sometimes I wish I could get sent to jail. Honestly! Think about it–other than showering, yard time and the small jobs they’re given, prisoners have all this free time to just think. Yes, they should be thinking about what they’ve done wrong and how to make it right but I’m not going to do anything wrong–I just want the perfect excuse to sit around and daydream for hours.

Or what about Jane Austen‘s time? You’ve read her novels, right? Those women did absolutely nothing but gossip. Women weren’t even allowed to work back then. They cleaned the house and did some yard work and that’s pretty much it. No wonder Jane Austen wrote the best novels in the world. We don’t have that kind of time to write such intricate storylines anymore. We don’t even have the time to read intricate storylines anymore.

Schedule It

Since getting a free pass to a jail cell and time travel are definitively out, the best you can hope to do is schedule time for your writing. There will always be other things to do. Make a schedule for yourself that puts writing right up there with working and laundry. Your time for yourself is just as important as the time you spend doing things for others, if not more. Treat it that way.


Just because I’m working on my fictional blog today doesn’t mean my brain shuts off to ideas for my novel or for my blog so it’s important to keep notes and organize them so I can access them next time I’m working on that project. For my novel and fictional blog, I have notebooks to keep ideas in and for my blog, I simply create a draft post to update and publish later. Nothing strains your brain more than trying to remember everything. Give it a break. Create a system for keeping track of all the information you need.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed

I have so many projects I want to work on but I can’t get overwhelmed otherwise my brain gets so muddled by anxiety, I don’t move forward on anything. Take it one step at a time. What’s most important right now? I know National Novel Writing Month starts in thirty-two days when I’ll be focusing exclusively on my novel. I won’t have time to spend working on my fictional blog so the obvious choice is to work on it now so I can focus on my novel in November. If your projects have deadlines as well, sort them out by priority. If not, either come up with a system (Project One Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays, Project Two on Tuesdays & Thursdays) or work on whatever you feel most connected to at the time. If you’re struggling with one project, don’t waist time you could be using on a different one.

When you’re lucky enough to have creativity coming out of your ears and your muse at your feet, embrace it. Maybe you don’t have all the time in the world but you can lock yourself in the closet and throw away the key if that’s what it comes down to. Your writing time is important. Give yourself the gift of making it a priority.

P.S. I finally Google’d when to use was vs. were with a singular pronoun. It was driving me crazy.

I am an author and a writing business teacher. I am also a mother of two, a wife, a businesswoman, a nature-lover, and a wannabe yogi. My debut women's fiction novel, PERFECTLY UNDONE, will be released on October 3, 2017. Here, I blog about my journey in publication in the hopes of inspiring others to follow their own dreams.

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  1. This really is a great post. It applies to all fields outside of writing. Overwhelming is what I’ve been feeling lately so I really appreciated that section. BTW Jail is NOT what its cracked up to be. πŸ˜‰ I also love your idea of the projects have certain days. I think that is what I need to do. Lately they all just mesh together and that makes it hard to stay on track.

    P.S. I CAN’T wait for Stretch Mark Club.

    1. Lol! Yes, I know jail is not the best idea. It’s my idealized version of what jail could be like that I covet. πŸ™‚

      I’m glad that you could apply the information to your own fields. It’s easy to take on too much and get lost in the “grind”. Prioritizing is key.

      P.S. I can’t wait either!!

      1. I think what you may be looking for is “house arrest”… well maybe not after all. πŸ˜›

  2. I’m happy to hear your writing is coming along so well.
    You seem to have a great system in place too.
    Good for you! I’m excited to read your future writings!

    1. Thanks! I’m really glad too. It’s been hard this year, wanting to write without any inspiration at all. It’s the most frustrating thing. All this motivation couldn’t come at a better time either, with National Novel Writing Month just around the corner!

      Are you going to start writing again? You seem to keep toying with the idea.

  3. What great advice. I, too, have a few too many irons in the fire. Speaking of my irons, have you had a chance to finish reading “Blind Date Bride” yet?

    I just figured out that I have about 60,000 words to write to hit the proper length for its sequel (Beth & Cody’s story). I’m going to take your advice to heart and carve out that writing time every day. Of course, I also need to carve out that exercise time and “cook the right foods” time … When I’m writing, those things fall by the wayside for me.

    1. Yes! I finished a few weeks ago and loved it! I’ve just been waiting for the chance to visit you so we could go over it in person. Would you rather I just send it over by email? Do you need it now?

      I know what you mean. I’ve been dieting as well to get back down to my pre-pregnancy size (HA!) and it’s so hard to do it all. I’ve gotten into the habit of making huge salads every Sunday so I have lunch prepared for the entire week and that’s been a big help.

      Are you going to work on Beth & Cody’s story for NaNoWriMo? Because that would be 50,000 words right there.

      1. I don’t need to know right this minute, but it is one of my Golden Heart entries, and I want to have them edited and ready to go before NaNo starts.

        I was actually going to attempt to write an entire story during NaNo this time, instead of trying to finish something already started. 50,000 brand-new words … oooh, scary β€” but fun. I’m getting more excited for Nov. 1 every day.

        1. I’m pretty much starting from the beginning. I’ve got almost a chapter written and that’s it. I’m so excited too! I actually couldn’t sleep the other night because MC’s “Mister” decided to appear with all of his intricacies in tact. How’s a girl supposed to ignore that?

  4. I used to think about going to jail just to get a break from my old job! Then I thought what with all the laundry, woodshop and running cigarettes for Big Bertha maybe life on the inside would be just as hectic! Seriously, I am a pretty inexperienced writer but I do fine that keeping an organized list of blog posts and a notebook handy for ideas at all times quite helpful. I too write drafts and come back to them. I spend more time editing than writing sometimes.

    Thanks for sharing your tips AND I assume that’s you in the picture on the blog. You look maahvelous…


    1. Nope, no pictures of me on here yet but I can assure you, I do look maahvelous. πŸ˜‰

      I totally forgot about Big Bertha! I’m starting to rethink this whole theory. That’s not exactly the kind of romance I’m going for in my novels.

      I’m the same way with editing. I’ll spend half an hour writing a blog and then an hour or two editing. I finally get to the point where I’m like, “Just post it already!”

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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